A little about us…

It seems only right to start this blog off with a little about us and our family.


That’s us. Our big beautiful family! You may know us from our moms blog, Farmish Momma! But in case you don’t, we’re going to introduce you to everyone.

Well first off, there’s the two of us, Erica and Veronica. Pretty much inseparable, we do everything together, including write this blog! We are always found together; cooking, cleaning, crafting, you name it! Erica is the older one of the two of us, and Veronica is the younger. Sisters and besties; that’s us!

Poppa- head and almost-lone-wolf leader of our pack.

Momma-  Poppas other half, momma to 9 children, blogger, farmer, and maker of everything.

Alexandra- Also known as Alex, she is the best big sister anyone could ask for. She is an amazing photographer, wife, and momma to her 2 beautiful boys.

Nick- Hard worker, super social, and a great brother and friend.

Eddie- Also known as Ed, Edwin, and about a million other nicknames. Also a super hard worker, and is great at making anything made of wood.

Right here goes the two of us, but we already introduced ourselves!

John Paul- affectionately known as JP, great at sports, loves to draw, and is an all-around goofball.

Christopher-Nicknamed Chris, he enjoys sports with JP, is very sweet and sensitive, and is a super caring little boy.

Olivia- Also known as Livie, Olivia is a ball of energy and fun ideas! She is always on the move, dreaming up imaginary princesses in towers and fire-breathing dragons.

Matthew- Almost always Mateo, is a mischievous little boy. Positively adorable, and can turn anyone into a pushover.

And that’s everyone! Most people think we have such a HUGE family and that it must be so much to handle, but it really doesn’t feel like that. Everyone pitches in, helps out, and with so many helping hands around, even the biggest project becomes an easy team effort. We all love being part of a big family, and it is definitely the biggest blessing God has ever given us.

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