Christmas craft: sugar scrubs!

sugar scrubs 10.jpg

Today we made one of the easiest Christmas gifts ever; sugar scrubs! They’re great for your skin, super customizable, and super fast and cheap to make.We ended up making an orange-vanilla scented scrub. We love how you get the little black dots from the vanilla bean on your skin, and its super moisturizing.  Lets get to it!

This recipe is enough for one 8 oz. jar of sugar scrub. These are the tools and ingredients you’ll need:

5-6 oz. white or brown sugar

4-5 tsp. carrier oil (you can use grapeseed like us, or sweet almond oil or even olive oil)

1 tsp vanilla bean paste

5 drops YL orange essential oil

You will also need a bowl to make the scrub in, measuring cups and spoons, and a container to store the sugar scrub in.

First, measure your sugar into the bowl. Measure in the orange oil and vanilla bean paste. Lastly, slowly add your carrier oil. You may need to add more than 4 tablespoons, depending on how moist you want your sugar scrub to be.

sugar scrub1.pngsugar-scrub5sugar scrubs 6.jpgsugar scrubs 7.jpgsugar scrubs8.jpg

sugar scrubs9.jpg


Now, spoon the scrub mixture into your jar or container. Tie a cute ribbon around the lid and you’re done! You are now ready to give these out as gifts, or treat yourself and keep it. So fast, easy, and cheap to make, you’ll find yourself making these like crazy!!! I know we do!

Have you ever made a sugar scrub? Do you know of any great scents to make them in? Let us know in the comments below!

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