Christmas craft: wreath ornaments!


We love adorable crafts; we cannot tell a lie. So when we saw a picture of these beautiful Christmas wreath ornaments, we just HAD to make them!! They’re super easy to make, work as great gifts, and who doesn’t love adorable ornaments!? The best part: you probably have all the supplies you’ll need in your house! These are so going on our Christmas tree.

Things you need:

String. You can use any yarn, twine, or even lace!

Mason jar rings. We used 2 old ones that were slightly dented so we didn’t feel guilty about sneaking some from our collection.

Hot glue gun and some glue sticks

Ribbon and rick-rack Β in any colors you want

Bows. We made some tiny bows, but you can buy some at the craft store.

You can also decorate them with any little bells, holly leaves, or even glitter. The cuter the better!

First, we are going to take our mason jar ring and put a dab or hot glue on it. Stick the end of your string to the glue and let it dry for a few seconds. Next, wrap the string around the mason jar ring very tightly and evenly. If you like you can secure it with a little glue along the way, but ours hold up just fine without it. Once you make it all around, glue the string on to the ring and cut the rest off. Your wreath should look slightly naked at this point, but next is decorating, so that’s okay!

Take your rick-rack or ribbon and glue it to the ring, where you glued on your string. This keeps it looking neat and tidy. Wrap it around the ring leaving gaps between. This makes them look so pretty! Once you’ve made it all the way around, again simply glue it to the ring and cut off the extra. You will need to make a loop for the ornament to hang on, so cut a piece of ribbon or rick-rack and glue it to the top of the ornament in a loop. We made our bows here. Lastly, glue your bow, bells, or whatever you’re using, to the top where the ends of the strings are. This will cover up the ends of the strings so the ornament looks extra perfect!


And you’re done! They’re so easy and fun to make, perfect for a craft with the little ones. They also make great gifts for your kids to give to their teachers! Too cute!

What kinds of homemade Christmas ornaments do you make? Have you ever made one like this? We’d love to hear about it; let us know in the comments below!

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