Sunday Brunch

We have been super busy lately! With getting ready for Christmas, prepping the house for our grandparents visit, and finishing up school for the semester, the past few weeks have us all pooped. This Sunday was no different. We figured, what better way to enjoy a lazy Sunday than with a simple Sunday brunch!?


We had prepped ourselves an awesome table of side dishes. We sliced up some summer sausage and cheese, made a delicious dip to go with celery, and cut up some guava and white cheese. Yum! We also enjoyed some crisp, fresh apples dipped in caramel, olives (cause why not!), and had an extra dip made of cream cheese and an amazing jam made of jalapeno and peaches. So good! The last thing we had is a personal favorite: fried tortilla chips. They’re so simple but so crunchy and amazing!! All you do is cut up the tortilla into triangle slices (we like them thin so we do 16 slices per tortilla) and then fry them up. Since they’re thin tortillas, frying is super fast. When you’re finished, you have delicious chips that are crispy, salty, and perfect for dipping. Easy peasy right?

We’d love to hear how you enjoy your Sundays. Comment down below!

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