Snow day!!!

Today we woke up to a very exciting surprise: our first snow of the season! The first thing we heard was Olivia singing “Snow day! Snow day! It finally snowed!!!” while dancing all around the room. In minutes, all the little ones were suited up and ready to head out to play. We only got a few inches, but it was definitely enough for a little fun. Jp and Chris tried to have a snowball fight, but the snow wasn’t packing into snowballs so they pulled out the sleds instead!


It was so great to watch from the windows and watch the little ones pile on the sled, push off, and end up in a pile on the ground seconds later. After a few hours the snowflakes started getting really big; perfect for catching on your tongue!


We still aren’t totally used to the cold weather and snow yet, so we need to take frequent breaks from the outside and warm up. The little ones always come in, throw the wet snow suits in the dryer so they get nice and warm, drink some hot cocoa, then head right back out and do it all over again! One of our favorite parts of snow days is getting to look out the window and see how the whole yard has transformed. Its so magical!!


Even the flowers in the front yard were wearing tiny snow hats! We can’t wait for the next snow day here; it’s gonna be amazing!!!

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