Washi Week-Day 1: Makeup Brushes!

washi week7.jpg

We are so excited to kick off Washi Week!!! We figured the first craft should be fairly simple, so we decided to start off with washi tape makeup brushes! They’re so easy, cute, and look oh-so-pretty in your makeup bag. The best part? They only take a few minutes to make and the design possibilities are ENDLESS! You can mix and match whatever colors and patterns to make it just like you want it. So, without further delay, let’s get to it!!

For this project you will need:

washi-week2Makeup brushes (of course!)washi-week31-3 rolls of washi tape in any designs you wantwashi-week-11Rubbing alcohol and cotton ballspodge10

And mod podge to seal and protect the tape (optional)


Lets get started! The first thing you’re going to do is gather your brushes and clean them with the rubbing alcohol and cotton balls. The washi tape won’t stay on very well if there is dirt and oil on your brushes, so give them a nice rub-down! Next, choose a brush and decide how you want the tape to look. This is the fun part! Choosing what design to do for each brush is so fun, and we love to mix things up. Once you’ve decided, roll the washi tape on the brush making sure that there are no folds or bubbles in the tape along the way. Do this to all the brushes and make sure to press the tape on really well to make sure they stay put. Washi tape often wears down or fades over time from rubbing and touching it often, so if you want this to be a permanent makeover, grab a paintbrush and brush on a coat of mod podge. We enjoy redesigning our brushes every now and then so we don’t seal ours.

washi-week4washi-week5washi-week9washi-week6 And that’s it! Super simple and quick, and these brushes look so adorable! Perfect way to spice up your beauty cabinet and add an extra touch of cute!

We hope you loved this craft! Ever tried to give your makeup brushes a makeover? Have any tips or helpful tricks? We’d love to hear about it; let us know in the comments below!!

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