Washi Week


We have a very exciting week coming up for you! We have been so insanely busy lately; we started school last week, Erica started her first ever college class, our moms birthday was 3 days ago (happy birthday momma!!!), and we have 3 more birthdays coming up. Us girls feel so bad for disappearing on you that we are gonna make it up to you. We are having a new post every day as part of “Washi Week”!!!

We are obsessssssed with washi tape. Every time we go to the craft store, we have to be dragged away from the paper tape section.  They’re just so cute!!! I mean, who doesn’t love adorable mini tape rolls that come in literally ANY design you want!? We have a huge collection of washi; from stripes and solids, polka dots and florals, all the way to holiday and seasonal designs. So this week we are putting that collection to use and sharing a new washi tape craft with you every day! We are beyond excited to show you all our favorites and to try out some new ideas. Its gonna be a great week, and we hope to see you there!

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