Washi Week-Day 2: Washi Manicure + Extra!

washi week7.jpgToday has been nuts!!! We have been cleaning the whole day, and we decided to reorganize the whole boys room using the KonMarie method (if you’ve never heard of it, OMG GO LOOK IT UP!! Marie Kondo is amazing!) and that took most of the day. I never thought 3 little boys could own so much stuff! We were just finishing for the night (that’s right, we have to keep going tomorrow…) and realized we never got in our washi tape craft for the day!!!

We felt that since these to crafts totally go together, today would be a double day! So for the first craft, we’re gonna give ourselves a washi tape manicure!

Here is what you’ll need:

washi week12.jpg

Clear top coat nail polish, nail scissors,a fine nail file, and washi tape (the cuticle pusher is optional but helpful)

We will start with freshly cleaned nails. Paint one coat of clear nail polish and let dry. Once its dry, cut a piece of washi tape a little longer than the nail it is going on. Place it on your nail so it is just above the cuticle at the bottom. Use the cuticle pusher (you can use your finger but the pusher works better) to press the tape on well and push out any bubbles and creases. Next, gently clip off the extra tape around the nail, leaving the tip. Use your nail file to file off the extra at the tip of the nail using downward strokes. Lastly, top off your new manicure with some more clear polish. Allow to dry and you’re done!!


Cute right?! Its such a simple way to get designs on your nails but without all the trouble of drawing the designs! Plus, we don’t think there is a cheaper way out there to get nails this pretty 🙂


For our extra washi tape craft, we decided to go simple but adorable and make washi tape nail polish bottles!


Seriously, this is like the easiest thing on the planet! But its so cute and helps you tell your polishes apart, plus you get to see your favorite washi tapes while painting your puppies!

All you have to do is clean the handle with nail polish remover or rubbing alcohol to make sure the tape stays on. Next, line up your washi tape and press on well. If the tape comes all the way to the top of the bottles handle, use a fine file and gently file away the extra. Just like we mentioned in yesterdays post, if you want a permanent fix just give your handle a quick once over with mod podge or clear nail polish.


And thats it!! These two crafts go hand-in-hand and they’re sooooooo adorable! We love the washi nails and hope you love them too. Its so fun to mix and match designs and add fun accent nails. So cute! Thats all for todays double day; we hope to see you back tomorrow! 😀

Have any fun washi tape crafts you’d like us to try? Any fun tips and tricks? We’d love to hear about it; let us know in the comments bellow!

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