Washi Week-Day 3:Light Switch Cover!

washi week11.jpgWere back!! Todays Washi Week craft had us squealing the whole time we made it. It is probably the cutest craft we are making this week, and it is SO simple that a 5-year-old could make it. Plus, it is very noticeable so you will definitely get complements! The best part? Everybody has light switches in their house, so if you are into washi tape, you already have everything you need! Let’s get started!

All you need is:

washi-week1A light switch cover, 1-4 coordinating washi tapes, scissors, rubbing alcohol or nail polish remover, cotton balls or tissue, and mod podge or clear nail polish (optional for sealing)


First, gently clean your light switch cover with the alcohol or polish remover. This will remove all oils and dirt from the switch cover so the tape will stick. You definitely want to clean your cover first since it is touched often and may be dirty, which will cause the tape to peel up. Decide the order you want the washis to go in, and begin to lay them out in the order you choose. You can put them vertically, horizontally, or slanted, it all depends on you! We thought they’d look adorable slanted (Hint hint! We weren’t wrong 😀 ). Once the whole light switch cover has tape, cut the edging leaving about 1/4 inch. Lay the excess over the inside edge so its smooth. Next, use your scissors to make an X shaped slit in the whole were the switch goes through, and lay the flaps inside the cover so its smooth. Then poke a small whole in the gaps where the screws go in. Lastly, coat with a layer of mod podge or clear nail polish to seal the tape in. Put that baby on the wall, replace the screws, and you’re done!!!

washi-week2Seriously, how adorable are these scissors!?!?washi-week3Flashback to yesterdays washi tape manicure post!washi-week4washi-week5washi-week6washi-week7washi-week9washi-week8washi-week10washi-week11

That’s it!! So easy right?! We love washi tape light switch covers. This one is in the girls bedroom and the colors match the decor! Suuuuuuuper cute 😀 Your house guests will be sure to comment on them, and it will make you smile every time you turn on the light! Just a little something to help brighten your day!

Do you have any washi tape decor ideas? Any tips and tricks about the washi-world you’d like to share? We’d love to know! Give us a shout and let us know in the comments below!


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