The Main Event


You may be wondering what we were doing yesterday that caused us to miss our Washi Week post. We are so sorry we missed it! We both felt really bad, but we hope this makes it up to you! The whole family has been cleaning and reorganizing the house alllllllll week, so our parents decided to take the day off cleaning and go out for a day of fun! We went to “The Main Event”, which is basically somewhere you go to celebrate birthdays, have company events, or just go to have fun! They have bowling, food, arcade games, prizes, and laser tag. The 4 older kids have gone once before but the little ones and our parents never have, so it was a blast!! The first thing we did was the bowling. We split the lanes into the 4 older ones and poppa, and the 4 younger ones and momma. 23Mateo loves bowling!! We should take him for his 5th birthday in September 🙂456Poor Chris thought that was a strike for sure…7.jpgPretty sure this was one of  Eddies strikes.8.jpg9.jpgWe ordered 3 meat-lovers pizzas and they were amazing!! A lot better than we expected!12.jpgMomma after a perfect strike 😀13.jpg11Chris of course killed everyone he played against. He somehow taught himself to throw the bowling ball so it spins every time!!! Even though it was only by one point, Mateo wouldn’t stop rubbing in the fact that he beat Jp 😀10.jpgVeronica beat everyone too! That was kinda surprising; we all expected poppa to win! He has a bad knee that he injured (multiple times…) playing soccer and his right thumb is acting up so he says that’s why he lost 😀

There was a special promo going on that if you payed for bowling and a food dish that you get a $10 fun-card to use in the arcade, and since we bought 4 dishes we got 4 cards! We split up into buddies for the arcade: Nick and Mateo, Eddie and Chris, Erica and Olivia, and Veronica and Jp. Momma and poppa were so awesome; when our fun-cards were out of money, they gave each buddy team an extra $10!!

download.jpgErica had her camera, so her and Olivia got lots of pictures! They went in the photo booth but it costs $5, so they got their own pictures!17Olivia at the Star Wars Battle Pods game. She loves Star Wars!14Mateo had a blast with Nick 🙂151618.jpg19.jpg20.jpgSkee-Ball is one of our favorite games at The Main Event! Soooooo fun!!

Picking out prizes was fun too! It took the little ones foreverrrrrr to pick! Most of the little ones fell asleep on the ride home. We were all so tired after such a long day!

The Main Event was amazing, and we definitely hope to go again! We are doing another Washi Week post later today, and since we missed a day we will have one extra post to make it up to you all!

Have you ever been to The Main Event? Ever been to a place like it? We’d love to hear; let us know in the comments bellow!


5 thoughts on “The Main Event

      1. Oh okay! Haha yes he does. Do you think there’s a difference in the quality and professionalism in the photos when you take them with an iPhone versus the Canon?


      2. I think that if you can get good pictures and find a nice photo editor for your iPhone, the quality should be very similar! Also, I use PicMonkey for editing our pictures. Mess around and find an editing app that you like!


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