Washi Week-Day 7: Washi Mirror!

0.jpgToday is the 7th and final day of our Washi Week series. Wahhhh! 😦 😦 😦

We are so sad to be finishing up such a great week. We really have enjoyed the past few days crafting with you and designing new washi tape projects. We hope you’ve enjoyed it as much as we have!!

As the final day, we decided to make this post something extra special and adorable! This is a home decor essential; it adds a perfect touch of pizzazz to the room and you can customize it to match the colors in the room too! Ours matches the girls room pretty well and it is getting hung up right away!

To make a washi mirror you will need:

1.jpg2A mirror (preferably with a white base/frame), 2-6 washi tapes of your choice, a ruler, a pencil, and scissors. Lets begin!

To start, clean the base of your mirror so the tape sticks well (we cleaned our whole mirror while we were at it 😀 ). Take one of your washi tapes and put a strip on one side of the frame, right in the middle. Do the same to the other 3 sides. You can use your ruler to measure the mirror and find where is the exact center of each side (this makes it MUCH easier and it looks way neater!). Next, take a different washi and put a piece in the inside corner of the side you are working on, and then the other side with a different tape. Once you have all 3 tapes, go to one half between 2 of the strips and use your ruler to make 2 marks on the frame, both the same length apart. Take any 2 washis you like and lay a strip over each of the 2 marks. Do the same to the other half, making sure all the washi tape strips are the same distance apart. Once you have completed this side, repeat to the other 3 sides of the mirror.


If this mirror will be going in a bathroom, you will want to seal it in case the sink water splashes on it, or it gets steamy from a hot shower. You wouldn’t want to ruin the tape!!

And that’s it!! Super easy, quick, and it adds the perfect touch to the room. We almost died at how cute our washis work together on this mirror!!! ❤

If you want yours to be more eye-popping, you could put tape between and fill up the gaps we left on ours so that yours is completely washi’d. (We love how many verbs you can make from the word “washi”) Veronica is very… conservative when it comes to washi tape; she hates wasting even the tiniest bit!!

So that wraps up our Washi Week! We really hope you enjoyed it and got to try out some of the crafts with us!! We had a blast sharing our favorite washi tape crafts with you and we hope to come up with many more; maybe in a month or two we will have enough to do a second Washi Week! 😀

Did you enjoy this week as much as we did? Did you make any of the crafts we shared? We’d LOVE to hear about it!! Let us know in the comments below! ❤


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