Washi Week-Days 5-6: Coasters and Rubik’s Cube!

11.jpgThe last 2 days have been craaaaaaaazy! We’ve been cleaning, going through all our old laundry that has been shamefully tucked away in bags since we moved 3 years ago,  and prepping for the upcoming birthdays of 3 of our girls! We have been itching to make these 2 washi tape crafts for AGES and we are so excited to share them with you!!!

Our first one is a washi tape coaster. Seriously… HOW CUTE??? We love these coasters sooooooooo much! They are so adorable, super convenient, and they are made out of really common household items. Here we go!

For these coasters we will need:

1.jpg10 popsicle sticks per coaster, 2 different colors of paint, and 1-3 coordinating washi tapes (we prefer using 3). You will also need glue (hot glue works best), a paintbrush, and mod podge. Lets get started!

First, take 2 of your popsicle sticks and paint each stick one of your 2 paint colors. Let dry and set aside. Grab 5 more sticks and lay a strip of tape along each one. Press it on well and closely cut off the excess. Once they are all washi taped, plug in your glue gun. Arrange your colored sticks in any order you like. Remember back in kindergarten when you played with popsicle sticks and made little houses and picture frames with them? Here’s where those skills come in handy! Take 2 bare sticks and 2 designed sticks and form a square, the designed ones layering over the bare ones. Glue them in place and let the glue cool. Next, take a designed stick and place it on top in the middle of the square and glue in place. Add in the next 2 designed popsicle sticks and space them evenly on either side of the middle stick, gluing them in place. Do the same to the other side. Almost there! Flip over your masterpiece and glue in your last popsicle stick so it is going in the same direction as the 2 others on the back of the coaster. Mod podge it to seal (since they will probably get wet from your glass and you dont want to destroy the paper) and you’re done!! 2.jpg3.jpg4.jpg5.jpg6.jpg7.jpg8.jpg9.jpg10.jpg11.jpg

So simple and absolutely adorable!!!

Lets get to our next washi tape craft! We are making… Drum roll please… Washi Tape Rubiks cube!!! It is not a real working rubiks cube, but it looks so amazingly cute and its so easy to make!

You will need:


A square building block, 3 different washi tapes, scissors, a BLACK sharpie, and mod podge.

The first thing to do is take one of your chosen washi tapes and layer it over one side of the block. Try to match the design up perfectly; this will make it seem extremely realistic! once you have one side completed, cut off all the excess so it is a smooth square. Do all the other sides the same, alternating colors. Once you have all the colors on the block, Take your sharpie and draw a very thin line along the edge of each side. Next, use a ruler to draw out a 9 slot grid (like in tick-tack-toe!) on each side. 2-03.0.jpg4.0.jpg5.0.jpg6.0.jpg8.0.jpg

OMG LOVE IT! Too cute! This mini rubiks cube makes the perfect charm! If you get a key chain hook and screw it into the top, this would make an amazing book bag key chain or even for your purse! If you make it smaller and use the right kind of hook, you could even make it a necklace or a jewelry charm. ❤ ❤ ❤

How are you enjoying our Washi Week? Only one day left!!! Any ideas or requests to see on our last washi tape post in this series? Have you ever made either of these crafts? Let us know in the comments bellow!


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