Birthday Girls

13.jpgThe month of February is a crazy month for birthdays in the Gaitan household! We have Olivia’s which is January 31st (We still count it since its basically in February), Veronica’s on the 1st, Erica’s on the 10th, our grandfather’s on the 23rd, our grandmother’s on the 28th, a few aunts and cousins birthdays, and some of our very close friends all in the month of February!!

Olivia’s was on Tuesday and Veronica’s was on Wednesday, so we went to the mall on Veronica’s birthday to celebrate!

First, we went to California Kitchen to eat. In case you’ve never heard of it, it’s an amazingggggggg pizza place! They have the yummiest pizza ever!1They gave the 2 birthday girls a complimentary ice cream sundae as a gift! (They would have gotten two, but they were too full to eat their own!)342Next, we went to Anthropology. We love it there soooooooo much! ❤5.jpgOlivia admiring her newly pierced ears. She got them done the day of her birthday. She was so brave and strong; she didn’t tear up once!! 6.jpg7.jpg8.jpgOne of Erica’s favorites; the stationary section!!! So many pretty notebooks! 😀9.jpg10.jpgVeronica and Livie had lots of fun modeling the sunglasses. (Look in close and you can see Erica taking the picture!)

After Anthro, we shopped around Old Navy!! It’s one of Veronica’s favorite places to go shopping 🙂 13.jpgWho are those gorgeous girls modeling the hats!? 😀11.jpgOlivia fell in love at the shoe section. For her 8th birthday, she got her very first pair of shoes that she picked out and paid for all by herself! She’s such a big girl!12.jpgAfter wandering around for a while, we stumbled upon an eyebrow-threading place! So the 3 girls got our eyebrows threaded!!15.jpgVeronica and Erica got a very sweet eyebrow stylist (Is that what you call it??). She tried to be gentle all the way. 14Momma, however, wasn’t so lucky… Both girls got it done in about 2 minutes, but Momma’s stylist was a bit less comforting. The whole way you could hear her, “Ow! Ouch! Ow!” Poor thing! The 3 of us all had very red foreheads for the next 10 minutes or so, but it was worth it! Our brows came out so nice!

16.jpgIt was a pretty perfect day! We all had a blast at the mall, and we will be going again next Friday for Erica’s birthday!

What do you like to do for your birthday? Any special family traditions? We’d love to hear about it! Let us know in the comments below!

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