Urban Decay Naked Basics Palette Review! By Erica

1.jpgHey everyone! So today it’s just me, Erica, writing this post! I bought something super awesome that I wanted to share with you guys!

My birthday is February 10th (Next Friday!) and I am so excited, so I decided that my gift to myself this year would be something I’ve been dying to get: the Urban Decay Naked Basics palette!

23I’m gonna be honest here: I haven’t found a single palette review that said how big this palette is, so I was a bit surprised buy its size! The palette itself is only 4×2 inches, which is surprisingly small, but since the shadows are full-sized, the inside seems so big!!45Urban Decay, once again breaking the laws of science 😀 😀6Venus is a very soft shimmer shadow, and the rest are all matte. These are perfect for highlighting your inner corner and brow bone! I’ve been using Venus for my inner corner, and layering a bit of Venus and Foxy on my brow bone. Sometimes I’ll use W.O.S as the base shadow if i want a brighter look, but I prefer to use Naked 2.Venus has the perfect amount of shimmer, so its natural and has a barely-there look. 7Naked 2 is the perfect shade for my base shadow. Its name does it justice, because it is such a natural tone it matches my skin tone perfectly. Faint is a medium brown and looks fabulous in the other corners of my eyes to give them a more contoured look. Crave is pretty much black, but is also a tiiiiiiiiiiny bit brown. I love using it instead of eyeliner for a more natural look along my lashline, and then to make little wings. 8The colors in this palette are so pigmented! It is amazing. This is with just a little shadow to swatch. The shadows are so soft they almost feel like butter. ❤ ❤ ❤

The colors in this palette may seem simple or , but this is the perfect palette for that ultimate every-day look. They are the most basic colors you will ever need, and I can’t stop reaching for it! The lid is built on tight so that it won’t fall open while you are using it, but it isn’t hard to open either; perfectly pose-able! Plus, the outside is so soft it feels like velvet. Every morning, I go in and I just stand and stroke the case 😀 I have so many every-day looks saved on my phone, you wouldn’t believe it!

I hope you enjoyed my palette review!! Do you have any Urban Decay palettes? Have you ever tried the Naked Basics palette? I’d love to know! Let me know in the comments! ❤

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