How to Fix a Broken Eye Shadow!

00.jpgA few days ago, we were messing around and sadly dropped and cracked Erica’s favorite makeup setting powder. We all know how heartbreaking it is to open your makeup bag and find that one of your favorite eye shadows or blushes is smashed into a million pieces. We’ve all been there, and it seriously stinks! Most people will simply shed a tear and throw out the broken shadow, but stop right there and don’t take a step closer to the trash can! There is a simple solution to fixing your broken makeup! We also recently broke one of Veronica’s eye shadows (We may or may not be kinda clumsy!), but we fixed it and it looks good as new!!!

Fixing your broken shadows is super simple, and you probably already own everything you need!! To do this you’ll need:


A broken eye shadow or other makeup pot, some toilet paper or tissue, a coin the same size at the eye shadow pot (for the setting powder we fixed, we used a flat cup, so you basically need anything flat and round that’s the same size as the pot), a makeup brush handle, rubbing alcohol, and an empty spray bottle.

Lets get to it! If you’re like us and spilled the broken pieces, carefully gather them up back into the eye shadow pot. Use the back of the makeup brush handle to crush the eye shadow pieces into powder, being careful not to let any pigment fall out. Once its crushed into a fine powder, gather it into the middle and try to press it flat (its okay if you can’t; this just makes the next step easier). Take your spray bottle and spray the eye shadow with the rubbing alcohol. You need it to be really moist, so give it a good couple of squirts!

We’re almost there! Take your coin or cup that you’re pressing the eye shadow with and wrap it in tissue. Use that to firmly press the pot for about 30 seconds. This will press the eye shadow all back together, and the tissue will soak up the extra alcohol that is being squeezed out. Remove the tissue and check the shadow. If the powder isn’t totally pressed (it should be though!) then spray and press it again. Use a clean tissue to clean the extra messy powder off the sides of the pot and leave it open to dry. It usually takes a few hours, but we let it dry overnight to be totally sure!


And that’s it!!! Your eye shadow is now good as new and ready to use once again! No more needing to cry over broken shadows, bronzers, or blushes! Here is our setting powder after we fixed it:


We’re actually happy it broke, because it was starting to show the pan in the middle but when we fixed it, it made it look like there was more product and we could no longer see the pan!

We hope you loved this tutorial and that it will help you to save some makeup in the future!! Have you ever tried this method? Have any tips to share? We’d love you hear! Let us know in the comments below!! ❤

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