Rainy Day Lunch

imageIt has been raining here for days! Last night, we all had to get up at 6am and hide in the basement because a tornado warning had come up and the wind was getting so hard. We stayed down there for two hours, until the warning went away. We woke up and checked the yard for damage from the wind, and thank goodness we had no major problems. The basketball hoop fell over, the shutters came off the little boys room windows, and one of the chicken coop doors got ripped off the shed in the night. They were fine luckily for us! A little shaken up, but everyone is alright. Yesterday, we decided to have a super yummy, healthy lunch. Here is what we ate!

imageMomma was very excited because she made some cream cheese, and it tastes sooooo amazing! It’s creamy and very easy to spread, the flavor is incredible, and we all loved it. Not to mention how beautiful it looks!!! We sprinkled some olive oil over it for a extra touch, and it couldn’t have been better. She needs to make it again!

imageOf course, with a creamy spread, you need something to spread it on! We made some delicious flat bread with our tortilla press. They tasted perfect with the cream cheese spread; to die for!!!

imageNext, we had a cherry tomato and olive salad, sprinkled with an olive oil-balsamic vinegar dressing we made. It was so refreshing and yummy! We love cherry tomatoes 😀

imageOn the side, we also had plain cantaloupe.  This was the best part for some of us! Mateo definitely loved them, and he kept on eating more from the bowl! imageimage

8aWe were really happy because after everyone had enough, we still had about half of the cream cheese left for later! We have been snacking on it with crackers, and it just tastes so good! ❤

Lets hope that we don’t get hit by too much more rain, and no more tornadoes!!! 😀

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