Meet Ellie, The Oily Bus (Part 1!)

Screenshot (8).png
Now that we have officially announced this project, The Oily Bus is starting to feel more real than ever. All our friends on Facebook and Instagram are freaking out, telling us how crazy, cool, and awesome this project is gonna be (as well as lots of messages saying how insane we are 😀 ). We have friends offering to donate materials, some are offering to help build it with us (which is awesome because they are all trained in building, plumbing, electrical, and so on), and The Oily Bus’ Instagram has gained almost 200 followers in one day. We are pretty sad because we have to work all week until our friends Nate and Charlei move in on Friday, so we cannot work on the bus at all till next week 😦 As we promised, today we are going to tell you about how we found Ellie and her trip home!

1.jpgLike we said yesterday, we found our beautiful bus on Craigslist on Friday. After speaking to James, the man selling it, for about an hour, we agreed to come check her out the next day. We were very excited and tried not to get too excited. We returned to our webpages saying what to look for and not to look for when seeing a bus. We couldn’t wait until morning!

Saturday morning we got to the church at 10 AM. We felt comfortable buying it from a church because we didn’t think they would rip anyone off. James showed us everything in and out of the bus, and he started it up for us so we could hear the engine. After about an hour of talking and looking, he took us for a quick test drive. She drove smoothly and all felt great! We told them that we would buy it on Tuesday morning, as soon as a mechanic friend of ours could come check it out. When we left they messaged us saying that the actually had another person interested in it. The other buyer was only wanting it for the engine, and would dump the rest as scrap metal. That meant that if we didn’t do something by Monday, Ellie would be gone forever. We took a huge risk and bought the bus on the spot. James drove it to our house later the same day (which was good because we can’t drive it!), and he parked it in our driveway.

Our mechanic friend Ian checked it out for us today and he says that it seems perfect, with no problems and that it seems like it’ll run forever. He also said that the motor looks well taken care of and should never give us any issues. Sometimes in life you have to gamble, but if you play your cards right you’ll win big. We think we hit the jackpot with this bus!

Here is the “before stage” of Project Oily Bus:


The grand entrance of the bus 😀 The church added extra steps for little kids which makes the stairs hard to use, but well get a closer look soon.



Isle view from front of the bus


Isle view from back at emergency exit.


Drivers seat and area. This part is pretty dirty, so we’re gonna clean it up and reupholster the chair as well.


Two handsome little boys taking a ride 🙂


Our first test drive with Ellie!


Some rust that needs to be treated on the emergency door at the back.


Here’s a closer look at those kid steps. We will take out the added blocks and fix the stairs up so they sparkle 😀


Inspecting the engine.


Rear view of the bus. See the little rust hole on the back?

That’s everything we have for the “before stage” of this project! Tomorrow we will post some of our ideas for Ellie, why she got her name, and the first few steps of what’s happening in this skoolie conversion.

We hope you enjoyed meeting our beautiful Ellie, and that you’ll follow along our journey! Be sure to follow us on Facebook and Instagram to stay updated with pictures and videos! We’ll see you tomorrow with “Meet Ellie, The Oily Bus Part 2!” ❤ 😉



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