Project: The Oily Bus

The Oily Bus Script

Life has a weird way of putting new ideas into action. We have been so busy lately, getting ready for our best friends to move into our house, deep cleaning the yard and garden, and even buying a new 15 passenger van. We also have the baby of our sister, Alex, coming in less than two months… Just when we thought life couldn’t get crazier, God put another idea of ours into action. We will explain but it’s a long story, so to cut to the chase… We bought a bus to convert into an RV!

It all started a few months ago. Thanks to our amazing friend Pinterest, Erica had decided that she wanted to have a tiny home. But not just any tiny home; she wanted a skoolie, which is fancy talk for a school bus that has been made into an RV. At first, we all thought it was a bit crazy. Cool, but still crazy! She had been looking for a few weeks into designs and ideas, and suddenly she dove into the mechanics behind turning a 40 foot vehicle into a home. After a while, the beautiful buses she found on Pinterest and Instagram made Momma fall in love as well.

Now lets fast forward to Thursday, two days ago. Erica had checked Craigslist dozens of times at this point, wishing she could actually afford to buy the bus already. As if by miracle, she found a bus that seemed very interesting. It was being sold 10 minutes from our house (keep in mind nothing we do is ever close to our house so this was intriguing), and the sellers were asking $7,000 for it. They had begun converting it and had everything to finish it, and it seemed too good to be true. She showed Momma and Poppa but it had sold by the time they contacted the seller. Luckily, seeing this got Poppa on board with the idea! The next day, another bus turned up. It was about half an hour away, and it was a white 66 passenger bus. It was used locally as a church bus, but a new bus was donated to them, so the church decided to sell it for $2,500. We contacted them and got lots of info on it, and we agreed to see it the next day.

So this morning, we got up early and went off to see Ericas bus. We were very excited because we have never taken on a project this big. After thoroughly inspecting it, we decided to buy it. The man selling it said he would drive it to our house, since we have no clue how to drive a bus anywhere near that long (this of course means we have to take a course and learn to drive a literal BUS). A dream we thought would take years to come true had come true in one day; we found a bus to convert into a home.


Since Erica does not have enough money to pay for it, she and Momma came up with a plan. The bus currently belongs to the family and we are going to convert it into the most beautiful skoolie we have ever seen. We are going to use it for our Young Living essential oils business as a class bus as well, and eventually Erica will buy it from Momma and Poppa, when she can afford it. Once it belongs to Erica, she plans to live in it for a while with her future husband and family. Until then, the girls will go on tours across a few states, teaching essential oils classes and doing bus tours.

We have very big plans for this bus conversion, and we will be documenting the whole process and sharing it on our blogs, Facebook and Instagram. If you want to follow our journey, be sure to follow us on Instagram; our user is @theoilybus and follow our mama on Facebook and Instagram too!

Be sure to check back tomorrow to see our bus in the before stage of this project! We are very excited to share all the details and pictures with you, we we’ll see you then! 😀

Have you ever converted a bus into a skoolie? Do you think we are crazy for taking on this project? Like this post and let us know in the comments! ❤