Meet Ellie, The Oily Bus (Part 2!)

IMG_2953 1.jpgToday has been crazy! We have been coming up with more ideas for the bus, our friends Nate and Charlei are moving in on Saturday so we cleaned the whole basement, we had barbeque for dinner to celebrate Memorial Day (Poppa  will take any excuse to bust open the grill), and we found someone who will give us all the buses insulation for free! After a long day, it’s always nice to sit and relax. With our bus always at the back of our minds we cannot sit idly for long, so we are gonna tell you more about the project 🙂 Here are all the answers to any questions about Ellie, why we bought a bus and what we’re doing with it, and more about The Oily Bus. 😛

First off, why did we get a bus? Erica has always loved tiny houses, and after seeing bus conversions on Pinterest she has wanted to own a skoolie. We bought the bus to be our family RV for when we travel, and to help us with our Young Living business, which is why its called The Oily Bus.

Ellie’s homecoming


What are we going to do with it? We are going to travel in it when we go to Florida, use it for weekend trips out of town, and use it as our business vehicle. We will hold classes in it, take it to big events, and of course show it off to our admirers 😀 We will also go on an oily tour next Summer (hopefully!) from Indiana to Florida when the conversion is finished. Eventually Erica will buy it from our parents when she can afford it.

Why is the bus named Ellie? We like this one! Her name is Ellie because our logo was inspired by the Disney movie UP. Our logo is like the house on balloons, only a bus on balloons. We figured that since this bus is designed by girls it should be a girl bus, so the name Ellie naturally stuck. Once the bus is completed by the outside, our UP inspired logo will be seen on the top in the front and back, but that’s all we’re spilling about the exterior design! 😉 We will also have a hand-painted sign inside that says “adventure is out there” in beautiful calligraphy with our bus on balloons. The Oily Bus Script

How big is The Oily Bus? The bus is a 66 passenger International. She is 36 feet long and 8 feet wide. She has 20 side windows and an emergency exit that screams when you open it (if the bus is on), and the wheels look like they belong to a monster truck. We don’t have the measurement of how tall she is, but lets just say anyone looks short when standing next to her. 😳 XD

What is going on this “skoolie”? We spent 5 hours setting up the floor plan on graph paper, and after lots of mistakes we have it decided! We will have a full sized bed in back, 2 sets of bunk beds (2 on one side and 3 on the other), a shower, a compostable toilet (we will talk more about this later on once its installed), a full kitchen, living room, and a booth to eat at, teach classes, play board games, and whatever else. There will be storage hidden everywhere, and we will go more in depth about each room as they are built. Here is our blueprint, which will be framed in the bus once it’s complete.

IMG_2953 1
Skoolie floor plan


Do we love our bus? Yes, already!!! We are so excited to start remodeling next week 😀 🐱

Hugs for Ellie!


What are the first steps in converting a school bus? The first things we need to do  are remove the seats, rip up the original flooring, pressure wash the inside, and treat the flooring for any rust. Our bus has barely any rust at all and the floor is in amazing condition, so we shouldn’t need to treat much for rust aside from the hole in the emergency door. All the prep is beginning next week on Monday, so stay tuned!

Those are all the answers we have for today! What do you think of our blueprint? Did you have any questions that we didn’t answer? We’d love to know; let us know in the comments! 😀 ❤


Meet Ellie, The Oily Bus (Part 1!)

Screenshot (8).png
Now that we have officially announced this project, The Oily Bus is starting to feel more real than ever. All our friends on Facebook and Instagram are freaking out, telling us how crazy, cool, and awesome this project is gonna be (as well as lots of messages saying how insane we are 😀 ). We have friends offering to donate materials, some are offering to help build it with us (which is awesome because they are all trained in building, plumbing, electrical, and so on), and The Oily Bus’ Instagram has gained almost 200 followers in one day. We are pretty sad because we have to work all week until our friends Nate and Charlei move in on Friday, so we cannot work on the bus at all till next week 😦 As we promised, today we are going to tell you about how we found Ellie and her trip home!

1.jpgLike we said yesterday, we found our beautiful bus on Craigslist on Friday. After speaking to James, the man selling it, for about an hour, we agreed to come check her out the next day. We were very excited and tried not to get too excited. We returned to our webpages saying what to look for and not to look for when seeing a bus. We couldn’t wait until morning!

Saturday morning we got to the church at 10 AM. We felt comfortable buying it from a church because we didn’t think they would rip anyone off. James showed us everything in and out of the bus, and he started it up for us so we could hear the engine. After about an hour of talking and looking, he took us for a quick test drive. She drove smoothly and all felt great! We told them that we would buy it on Tuesday morning, as soon as a mechanic friend of ours could come check it out. When we left they messaged us saying that the actually had another person interested in it. The other buyer was only wanting it for the engine, and would dump the rest as scrap metal. That meant that if we didn’t do something by Monday, Ellie would be gone forever. We took a huge risk and bought the bus on the spot. James drove it to our house later the same day (which was good because we can’t drive it!), and he parked it in our driveway.

Our mechanic friend Ian checked it out for us today and he says that it seems perfect, with no problems and that it seems like it’ll run forever. He also said that the motor looks well taken care of and should never give us any issues. Sometimes in life you have to gamble, but if you play your cards right you’ll win big. We think we hit the jackpot with this bus!

Here is the “before stage” of Project Oily Bus:


The grand entrance of the bus 😀 The church added extra steps for little kids which makes the stairs hard to use, but well get a closer look soon.



Isle view from front of the bus


Isle view from back at emergency exit.


Drivers seat and area. This part is pretty dirty, so we’re gonna clean it up and reupholster the chair as well.


Two handsome little boys taking a ride 🙂


Our first test drive with Ellie!


Some rust that needs to be treated on the emergency door at the back.


Here’s a closer look at those kid steps. We will take out the added blocks and fix the stairs up so they sparkle 😀


Inspecting the engine.


Rear view of the bus. See the little rust hole on the back?

That’s everything we have for the “before stage” of this project! Tomorrow we will post some of our ideas for Ellie, why she got her name, and the first few steps of what’s happening in this skoolie conversion.

We hope you enjoyed meeting our beautiful Ellie, and that you’ll follow along our journey! Be sure to follow us on Facebook and Instagram to stay updated with pictures and videos! We’ll see you tomorrow with “Meet Ellie, The Oily Bus Part 2!” ❤ 😉



Project: The Oily Bus

The Oily Bus Script

Life has a weird way of putting new ideas into action. We have been so busy lately, getting ready for our best friends to move into our house, deep cleaning the yard and garden, and even buying a new 15 passenger van. We also have the baby of our sister, Alex, coming in less than two months… Just when we thought life couldn’t get crazier, God put another idea of ours into action. We will explain but it’s a long story, so to cut to the chase… We bought a bus to convert into an RV!

It all started a few months ago. Thanks to our amazing friend Pinterest, Erica had decided that she wanted to have a tiny home. But not just any tiny home; she wanted a skoolie, which is fancy talk for a school bus that has been made into an RV. At first, we all thought it was a bit crazy. Cool, but still crazy! She had been looking for a few weeks into designs and ideas, and suddenly she dove into the mechanics behind turning a 40 foot vehicle into a home. After a while, the beautiful buses she found on Pinterest and Instagram made Momma fall in love as well.

Now lets fast forward to Thursday, two days ago. Erica had checked Craigslist dozens of times at this point, wishing she could actually afford to buy the bus already. As if by miracle, she found a bus that seemed very interesting. It was being sold 10 minutes from our house (keep in mind nothing we do is ever close to our house so this was intriguing), and the sellers were asking $7,000 for it. They had begun converting it and had everything to finish it, and it seemed too good to be true. She showed Momma and Poppa but it had sold by the time they contacted the seller. Luckily, seeing this got Poppa on board with the idea! The next day, another bus turned up. It was about half an hour away, and it was a white 66 passenger bus. It was used locally as a church bus, but a new bus was donated to them, so the church decided to sell it for $2,500. We contacted them and got lots of info on it, and we agreed to see it the next day.

So this morning, we got up early and went off to see Ericas bus. We were very excited because we have never taken on a project this big. After thoroughly inspecting it, we decided to buy it. The man selling it said he would drive it to our house, since we have no clue how to drive a bus anywhere near that long (this of course means we have to take a course and learn to drive a literal BUS). A dream we thought would take years to come true had come true in one day; we found a bus to convert into a home.


Since Erica does not have enough money to pay for it, she and Momma came up with a plan. The bus currently belongs to the family and we are going to convert it into the most beautiful skoolie we have ever seen. We are going to use it for our Young Living essential oils business as a class bus as well, and eventually Erica will buy it from Momma and Poppa, when she can afford it. Once it belongs to Erica, she plans to live in it for a while with her future husband and family. Until then, the girls will go on tours across a few states, teaching essential oils classes and doing bus tours.

We have very big plans for this bus conversion, and we will be documenting the whole process and sharing it on our blogs, Facebook and Instagram. If you want to follow our journey, be sure to follow us on Instagram; our user is @theoilybus and follow our mama on Facebook and Instagram too!

Be sure to check back tomorrow to see our bus in the before stage of this project! We are very excited to share all the details and pictures with you, we we’ll see you then! 😀

Have you ever converted a bus into a skoolie? Do you think we are crazy for taking on this project? Like this post and let us know in the comments! ❤