Makeup Brush Case Tutorial

imageYesterday, we had a strange urge to make something… Anything! This happens to us pretty often, and the only cure we can usually find is to get up and find something to make. After searching for hours on Pinterest, Veronica went with a fruity berry smoothie, and Erica made a case for her makeup brushes. The design is super cool and pretty, and very easy to make if you are a beginner at sewing. The best part? You can make it using your larger fabric scraps! It was so much fun to pull out the sewing machine again, and the roll case came out so pretty. Luckily for us, Momma is sliiiiightly addicted to buying pretty fabric, so we always have nice materials to work with! 😀 Lets get to it!

For this pattern, you will need…

11-2 fabrics in different colors, thread to match your fabric, one pair of scissors or a rotary mat and rotary cutter, a rotary ruler (is that what it’s called??), measuring tape is optional but helpful for when you don’t want to measure with the huge rotary ruler, a safety pin, a pencil, and sewing pins. 23

4.pngBefore you cut your fabric, decide which color will be on the outside and which will be on the inside. We chose a blue and white quatrefoil design for the inside and a yellow white polka dot for the inside. Iron your material, and then it is time to cut! For the outside material, you will need one piece that is 10×15 inches and two strips that are 1-1/2×18 inches. For the inside material, cut two 10×15 inch pieces. One will be folded in half to  use as a flap, so keep that in mind and maybe separate them from each other. We prefer to use a rotary cutter so we get nice, clean lines, but you can use scissors if you don’t have one handy 🙂

5.pngThe first step is to take one of the inner pieces and lay it flat, design side up. Take your second inner piece and fold it in half, also design side up. We found it helpful to iron it perfectly in half so it cooperates more XD Pin it to the first inner piece so the open ends are facing the bottom and the creased side is in the middle of the first fabric. Take the makeup brushes that will be living in this roll (Erica chose to use eye makeup brushes onand set them out on your fabric, about one inch apart.

67Next, use your pencil to make a small mark between each brush. Once you have marked each one, remove the brushes and draw the line all the way down. The ruler comes in handy here so you can get nice straight lines. This will be your guide for the next step.

8.pngOnce you have your lines all marked, sew a straight line through each pencil line. Your slots are officially done, yay! Use the eraser on your pencil to gently erase any pencil lines you can still see. Press the piece set it aside.

9.pngNow, take one strip and fold it in half, design side in. It helps to iron it flat. Take it under the sewing machine and sew all the way across toward the end. Take your safety pin and attach it to the bottom, then use it to flip the strip inside out. It takes a bit of time since the tube is so tight, but don’t give up! Repeat on the second strip and iron them flat. These will be the ties on the roll case!

1011Take the outer piece and lay it on your work table. Line up the ends of the ties and lay them on top, so the ends are sticking out about 1 inch on one side and they aren’t hanging out anywhere else! If not, then the ties will get stuck and your case will be ruined! 😥 Lay the yellow inner piece on top, design facing down. Pin the pieces in place making sure the corners all match up. Sew all around, leaving a 2-3 inch space unsewed at the top!!! This is very important!

1213Using the hole left in the top, inside out the case and use your pencil or something else pointy to push the corners out. It should look something like this! Tuck in the ends of the opening and iron well. Lastly, sew all around the case with very little seam allowance, press again, and you are finished!

141615imageYou now have a beautiful new roll-up case for your makeup brushes made with love! These make amazing presents, and they take hardly any time at all to make. If you do plan on making this as a gift, maybe add a hand embroidered initial for the recipient of the gift before you sew the two sides together; it makes it so much more personal and sweet! It’s so fun to mix and match designs, and get fun with the thread colors and patterns! Take advantage if you have a sewing machine that has lots of fun stitching designs! Ours do not, but Mommas does. Pick a cute design and use it to do the final hem around the edges for some extra flair! You can also make these for that artist friend of yours for their paintbrushes! ❤

What do you think of our makeup brush case? Have you ever made a case for your brushes? What color/design combo would you do for yours? Let us know in the comments bellow! 😀 ❤


How to Fix a Broken Eye Shadow!

00.jpgA few days ago, we were messing around and sadly dropped and cracked Erica’s favorite makeup setting powder. We all know how heartbreaking it is to open your makeup bag and find that one of your favorite eye shadows or blushes is smashed into a million pieces. We’ve all been there, and it seriously stinks! Most people will simply shed a tear and throw out the broken shadow, but stop right there and don’t take a step closer to the trash can! There is a simple solution to fixing your broken makeup! We also recently broke one of Veronica’s eye shadows (We may or may not be kinda clumsy!), but we fixed it and it looks good as new!!!

Fixing your broken shadows is super simple, and you probably already own everything you need!! To do this you’ll need:


A broken eye shadow or other makeup pot, some toilet paper or tissue, a coin the same size at the eye shadow pot (for the setting powder we fixed, we used a flat cup, so you basically need anything flat and round that’s the same size as the pot), a makeup brush handle, rubbing alcohol, and an empty spray bottle.

Lets get to it! If you’re like us and spilled the broken pieces, carefully gather them up back into the eye shadow pot. Use the back of the makeup brush handle to crush the eye shadow pieces into powder, being careful not to let any pigment fall out. Once its crushed into a fine powder, gather it into the middle and try to press it flat (its okay if you can’t; this just makes the next step easier). Take your spray bottle and spray the eye shadow with the rubbing alcohol. You need it to be really moist, so give it a good couple of squirts!

We’re almost there! Take your coin or cup that you’re pressing the eye shadow with and wrap it in tissue. Use that to firmly press the pot for about 30 seconds. This will press the eye shadow all back together, and the tissue will soak up the extra alcohol that is being squeezed out. Remove the tissue and check the shadow. If the powder isn’t totally pressed (it should be though!) then spray and press it again. Use a clean tissue to clean the extra messy powder off the sides of the pot and leave it open to dry. It usually takes a few hours, but we let it dry overnight to be totally sure!


And that’s it!!! Your eye shadow is now good as new and ready to use once again! No more needing to cry over broken shadows, bronzers, or blushes! Here is our setting powder after we fixed it:


We’re actually happy it broke, because it was starting to show the pan in the middle but when we fixed it, it made it look like there was more product and we could no longer see the pan!

We hope you loved this tutorial and that it will help you to save some makeup in the future!! Have you ever tried this method? Have any tips to share? We’d love you hear! Let us know in the comments below!! ❤

DIY Cracked Marble Necklace!

10.jpgThis house has been nuts!!! We had our whole cleaning week, we celebrated Olivia’s birthday on Tuesday, and Veronica’s yesterday (We will have a post all about our outings tomorrow!!) and we have been freaking out!

We have also been cruising Pinterest looking for the perfect DIYs to try for you! We came across this craft and fell head-over-heels in love with it; we just HAD to make it for you! 😀

To make these gorgeous cracked marble necklaces you will need:

12.jpg3.jpgClear marbles in any colors, a cord or chain to hang the beautiful marble charm on, round-nose jewelry pliers, 1 jump ring per necklace, metal bead caps, jewelry making eye pins, and E-6000 glue or other strong jewelry glue. You will also need an oven, a bowl of ice water, and a cookie sheet.

This craft is so fun and the cracking is our favorite part! This is not however a good craft to do with children! It involves using very strong glue which could be hazardous in little hands, and an extremely hot oven is used, so keep the little ones out!!

First things first, we collect all the marbles we will be using! You want ones that are see through so you can really see the crackly design in the end.
Once you have all your marbles, preheat the oven to 500F (You’re probably thinking “Is that a typo?!” No it is not. 500F!) Place your selected marbles in a cookie sheet and pop it in the oven. Set a timer for 20 minutes and wait!
While your little gems are in the oven, take your bowl and fill it with water and lots of ice!! It will need to be VERY cold for this to work!
*Ding!* There goes your timer! Be very careful and remove your tray from the oven. Before you do anything, run your tray over to the bowl of ice water and dump in the marbles! You should hear a few clink-pop sounds. That’s the sound of the marbles cracking; its working!! Give them a minute to cool in their swimming pool, and pull them out to check them! They should be very crackly on the inside, but should still be intact on the outside. If you want your marbles to have a more cracked effect, simply put them back in the oven and repeat!


We only baked ours once, and this is what we got! Sooooooooooo amazing!

Next, move to the jewelry making supplies. Take your bead caps, eye pins, and pliers. Stick the eye pin through the bead cap and clip off the excess, leaving just a tiny tail about 1/4 inch long. Fold that little edge in half and clamp it flat with the pliers. We will call this the “marble’s hat”. Take the marble’s hat, put a dot of glue on the eye pin in the middle, and stick it onto the marble. Hold it in place so it can dry on. Clip on a jump ring, string it onto the necklace chain, and tada!!!


SO GORGEOUS! We love this craft. The marble charm glistens in the sunlight, and it almost looks magical! This makes an amazing gift, and the best part is you can make it in a large batch! ❤


What do you think of our Cracked Marble necklace? Have any similar jewelry crafts for us to try? We’d love to hear about it! Let us know in the comments below!