Makeup Brush Case Tutorial

imageYesterday, we had a strange urge to make something… Anything! This happens to us pretty often, and the only cure we can usually find is to get up and find something to make. After searching for hours on Pinterest, Veronica went with a fruity berry smoothie, and Erica made a case for her makeup brushes. The design is super cool and pretty, and very easy to make if you are a beginner at sewing. The best part? You can make it using your larger fabric scraps! It was so much fun to pull out the sewing machine again, and the roll case came out so pretty. Luckily for us, Momma is sliiiiightly addicted to buying pretty fabric, so we always have nice materials to work with! 😀 Lets get to it!

For this pattern, you will need…

11-2 fabrics in different colors, thread to match your fabric, one pair of scissors or a rotary mat and rotary cutter, a rotary ruler (is that what it’s called??), measuring tape is optional but helpful for when you don’t want to measure with the huge rotary ruler, a safety pin, a pencil, and sewing pins. 23

4.pngBefore you cut your fabric, decide which color will be on the outside and which will be on the inside. We chose a blue and white quatrefoil design for the inside and a yellow white polka dot for the inside. Iron your material, and then it is time to cut! For the outside material, you will need one piece that is 10×15 inches and two strips that are 1-1/2×18 inches. For the inside material, cut two 10×15 inch pieces. One will be folded in half to  use as a flap, so keep that in mind and maybe separate them from each other. We prefer to use a rotary cutter so we get nice, clean lines, but you can use scissors if you don’t have one handy 🙂

5.pngThe first step is to take one of the inner pieces and lay it flat, design side up. Take your second inner piece and fold it in half, also design side up. We found it helpful to iron it perfectly in half so it cooperates more XD Pin it to the first inner piece so the open ends are facing the bottom and the creased side is in the middle of the first fabric. Take the makeup brushes that will be living in this roll (Erica chose to use eye makeup brushes onand set them out on your fabric, about one inch apart.

67Next, use your pencil to make a small mark between each brush. Once you have marked each one, remove the brushes and draw the line all the way down. The ruler comes in handy here so you can get nice straight lines. This will be your guide for the next step.

8.pngOnce you have your lines all marked, sew a straight line through each pencil line. Your slots are officially done, yay! Use the eraser on your pencil to gently erase any pencil lines you can still see. Press the piece set it aside.

9.pngNow, take one strip and fold it in half, design side in. It helps to iron it flat. Take it under the sewing machine and sew all the way across toward the end. Take your safety pin and attach it to the bottom, then use it to flip the strip inside out. It takes a bit of time since the tube is so tight, but don’t give up! Repeat on the second strip and iron them flat. These will be the ties on the roll case!

1011Take the outer piece and lay it on your work table. Line up the ends of the ties and lay them on top, so the ends are sticking out about 1 inch on one side and they aren’t hanging out anywhere else! If not, then the ties will get stuck and your case will be ruined! 😥 Lay the yellow inner piece on top, design facing down. Pin the pieces in place making sure the corners all match up. Sew all around, leaving a 2-3 inch space unsewed at the top!!! This is very important!

1213Using the hole left in the top, inside out the case and use your pencil or something else pointy to push the corners out. It should look something like this! Tuck in the ends of the opening and iron well. Lastly, sew all around the case with very little seam allowance, press again, and you are finished!

141615imageYou now have a beautiful new roll-up case for your makeup brushes made with love! These make amazing presents, and they take hardly any time at all to make. If you do plan on making this as a gift, maybe add a hand embroidered initial for the recipient of the gift before you sew the two sides together; it makes it so much more personal and sweet! It’s so fun to mix and match designs, and get fun with the thread colors and patterns! Take advantage if you have a sewing machine that has lots of fun stitching designs! Ours do not, but Mommas does. Pick a cute design and use it to do the final hem around the edges for some extra flair! You can also make these for that artist friend of yours for their paintbrushes! ❤

What do you think of our makeup brush case? Have you ever made a case for your brushes? What color/design combo would you do for yours? Let us know in the comments bellow! 😀 ❤


Birthday Haul!!!

v+e 3.jpgYesterday was Erica’s birthday, so we went out with Momma and had some fun!! We walked the mall, stopped at all our favorite stores, went to see some friends act in High School Musical (one of our favorite movies), and then went out for ice cream afterwards. Sadly, Erica forgot to bring her camera, so we couldn’t get pictures of it all 😥 So instead we’re doing a birthday present haul post!!!

Erica’s gifts: I had such an amazing birthday! I got to spend the day with my best friend ever (aka Veronica) and my mom, which was so fun! We walked the mall, hung out, got to drool over all the adorable things we found, and it was awesome! Here is everything I got for my 17th:

123I found an adorable ring set at H&M! They had silver, gold, and rose gold. At first I wanted the silver ones, but they all had peace signs instead of the infinity signs :/ As soon as I saw the rose gold set, I had to have them; I love rose gold!!! They are so cute and I have each ring in two sizes: the first size fits my ring fingers, and the second size only fits my thumbs, but I love them anyways! They were $7 for the set. Momma bought them for me as a gift 😀

When we got to the phone case section in H&M, we couldn’t stop squealing! They had some really pretty ones, but our favorites were some that looked just like kitties!!! I ended up getting this one, which I cannot stop showing to everyone I see! All my friends who have seen it think its adorable too 😛 ❤ Its weird that its for the iPhone 5 yet it fits my iPod 6, but I’ll take whatever I can get!! Momma bought this for me also.

67You may or may not know already, but I bought myself the Urban Decay Naked Basics palette. I did a review on it last week here! I am so in love with this palette. I have used it every day that I’ve worn makeup since I bought it, and I cannot believe how amazing it is!

8910Next, I bought myself a 15 piece makeup brush set. I bought it online and it arrived the day of my birthday, so that made it extra special! Two of them are double sided and it mainly has lip and eye brushes. I have only tried out a few so far, but I’m loving the angled eyeliner brush and larger eyeshadow brush!

1112I got a Juicy Couture nail kit from my amazing sister Veronica. Its a day-to-night set, so you wear the nail polish during the day, and if you have a date/girls night, you jazz it up by adding a coat of glitter! Each color has its own matching glitter, but I’m excited to mix and match these! (See the nail stickers? Olivia thought they were actual nails! Ah, the thoughts of an 8-year-old 😀 )

13.jpgShe also got me lots of adorable matching stationary stuff and supplies for school! I got folders, note cards, clips, pens, a pencil sharpener and ruler, and a notepad that doubles as a mouse pad that all match!! I can’t wait to take this to school with me! It was so sweet of her ❤ ❤

2526Lastly, Eddie got me a $15 iTunes gift card (which I plan to use very soon!!) and a birthday card. I was so happy to see this card!!! Its a Hoops+Yoyo talking birthday card. When I was about 8, my dad got one from a coworker and I loved it! I’ve always loved Hoops and Yoyo since then, and it was so sweet of Ed to remember! In this one you open the card and they start going crazy jumping up and down singing about how they want cake! (To be specific, they go, “Were here for the cake, for the cake cake cake! Were here for the cake, for the cake cake cake! Were here for the cake, for the cake cake cake, for the caaaaaaaaake, for the cake cake cake!” and so on. Love it!)


Veronica’s gifts: I had a blast on my birthday! We went out to the mall with Erica, Nick, Olivia, and Momma and we had a great day. We went to all my favorite stores, had a ton of fun, and ate out at an amazing Cuban restaurant called Habana Rumba. See more about what we did here! 

14.jpgThe first thing I got were my gifts from Momma! She got me embroidery floss, adorable stationary stickers, a paper quilling set, An embroidery hoop and needles, and little pins with chicks on the ends! It was so nice of her and I can’t wait to use it all!

18Momma also got me a beautiful teacup from one of my favorite stores, Teavana. It’s long, has a small lid, and a strainer that’s perfect for letting fine tea steep. I cannot say enough how much I love this… Like, I really LOVE it! I only got it a week ago, and I have used it every day 😀

1920I bought this gorgeous fountain pen at Anthropology!!! Its made of white glass with golden trimming, and it is beyond pretty! It also came with an ink refill, which is so convenient! This pen originally was $20, but it was on sale and I got it for only $7! What a steal!!!

21  I also bought this thermos at Anthro. It is SO beautiful!!! Momma saw it a few weeks ago and was so tempted to buy it, but at $20 she decided to pass. A few weeks later, she found 2 on the discount shelf for $5; she snatched that thing up right away! We went back for Erica’s birthday, and I found yet another on the clearance shelf for only $3.50!!! Now Momma and I each have one, and we couldn’t be happier with them!

15I got this face palette from Erica. I absolutely love it and it has everything I needed!!! It comes with 2 bronzers (which i probably won’t use for a while), a highlighter, blush, and setting powder. She also got me a Wet n Wild angled blush brush which is so soft! 

1617Erica also got me the RealTechniques Mini Travel Brush set. I love these so much and they are so adorable!!! Erica and I love everything small, so these were the perfect gift for me. They fit in my sadly tiny makeup bag, I have the basic brushes that I need, and I just CAN’T get over the cuteness they possess!!! 

So that is everything we got for our birthdays!!! We hope you enjoyed seeing everything we got as much as we enjoyed getting them! This year we had a great set of birthdays and we are so happy we got to celebrate them together.


Do you have any birthday traditions? Any special stores that you just HAVE to go to on your special day? Let us know in the comments below! ❤ ❤ ❤

Birthday Girls

13.jpgThe month of February is a crazy month for birthdays in the Gaitan household! We have Olivia’s which is January 31st (We still count it since its basically in February), Veronica’s on the 1st, Erica’s on the 10th, our grandfather’s on the 23rd, our grandmother’s on the 28th, a few aunts and cousins birthdays, and some of our very close friends all in the month of February!!

Olivia’s was on Tuesday and Veronica’s was on Wednesday, so we went to the mall on Veronica’s birthday to celebrate!

First, we went to California Kitchen to eat. In case you’ve never heard of it, it’s an amazingggggggg pizza place! They have the yummiest pizza ever!1They gave the 2 birthday girls a complimentary ice cream sundae as a gift! (They would have gotten two, but they were too full to eat their own!)342Next, we went to Anthropology. We love it there soooooooo much! ❤5.jpgOlivia admiring her newly pierced ears. She got them done the day of her birthday. She was so brave and strong; she didn’t tear up once!! 6.jpg7.jpg8.jpgOne of Erica’s favorites; the stationary section!!! So many pretty notebooks! 😀9.jpg10.jpgVeronica and Livie had lots of fun modeling the sunglasses. (Look in close and you can see Erica taking the picture!)

After Anthro, we shopped around Old Navy!! It’s one of Veronica’s favorite places to go shopping 🙂 13.jpgWho are those gorgeous girls modeling the hats!? 😀11.jpgOlivia fell in love at the shoe section. For her 8th birthday, she got her very first pair of shoes that she picked out and paid for all by herself! She’s such a big girl!12.jpgAfter wandering around for a while, we stumbled upon an eyebrow-threading place! So the 3 girls got our eyebrows threaded!!15.jpgVeronica and Erica got a very sweet eyebrow stylist (Is that what you call it??). She tried to be gentle all the way. 14Momma, however, wasn’t so lucky… Both girls got it done in about 2 minutes, but Momma’s stylist was a bit less comforting. The whole way you could hear her, “Ow! Ouch! Ow!” Poor thing! The 3 of us all had very red foreheads for the next 10 minutes or so, but it was worth it! Our brows came out so nice!

16.jpgIt was a pretty perfect day! We all had a blast at the mall, and we will be going again next Friday for Erica’s birthday!

What do you like to do for your birthday? Any special family traditions? We’d love to hear about it! Let us know in the comments below!