Easter Past and Present

Happy (late) Easter everyone! Wow, this has been such an insane month. We know we totally disappeared and we are truly sorry, but we have had a mile long list of things to do this month. We will be posting very often again and will make a life update post this weekend, but today we really wanted to share something special with you. Every year, Momma buys us matching outfits for Easter and Christmas, and we always get a photo of all the kids wearing our outfits. That is her tradition. She always posts about our Easter pictures on her blog, and after taking the pictures this year we decided to have a whole post about this Easters picture and the ones from the past few years.

This has been our tradition since 2008, and we love taking these pictures. Okay, maybe some of us don’t, but they are so special and amazing. Looking back, you can see how much we’ve grown from year to year and these memories are so irreplaceable to us.

Here we go! These are all of our Easter pictures from the last nine years!

2008: This was the first year we took real family photos on Easter. You can see that the quality isn’t the best, but come on; this was so long ago!

2009: Olivia was born only a few months before this picture, and you can see that a few of us look a bit older. Look at her chubby little face! Olivia was by far our fattest baby. 

2010: Ah, now you can see us looking a tiiiiiiiny bit bigger! Olivia, Chris, and Jp probably look the most different from the year before.

2011: This is one of our most beautiful group Easter outfits! Everyone looked so glowy in the bright colors. We miss the tans we used to get so easily in Florida. 

2012: Wow, look how much bigger we all are! Again, the three younger ones look like they’ve aged the most, but we all look a bit older! This was the year that Mateo was born and Alex was planning her wedding with her husband, Lewis. Mateo isn’t in this one because he wasn’t born until September.  

2013: By this year, Alexandra was married and Mateo was looking cuter than ever! We all look so much older. Momma made the poofy skirts in this picture, and we actually still have them to this day!

2014: We had just moved to Indiana this year and Alexandra took our Easter pictures since she is a professional photographer. Sadly, when your sister takes your pictures for free, she sorta forgets to edit them and give them to us!

2015: Ooh ooh, you can see how much older we all look this year! Mateo always was a bit hard to deal with during photoshoots like this; we could never get him to look at the camera! Poppa would need to  stand behind Momma, dancing and being silly so Mateo would look at the camera and smile! It worked for all of us actually…

2016: Aw, we’re all looking so happy in this years picture! Using bow ties was such a good idea; the boys just look so handsome in them. 

2017: This was by far our best year yet. All the outfits look beautiful and we all look so neat and happy. This was the first year that Mateo could actually speak perfect and full sentences, Erica just got contact lenses, this is the first year that we have 5 teenagers in the house at the same time, and we actually mixed ties and bow ties for the Easter outfits! 

Well, that is all we have for you for our Easter pictures for now! If you want to see the original blog posts that our mom made, as well as see lots of holiday and celebration pictures, click here! We will be posting in a few days about what we have been up to lately, and again we are so sorry for disappearing!

Do you have any Easter traditions? Let us know in the comments bellow!

Sunday Brunch + Pancake Recipe!

9.jpgWow, the past week has been so insanely busy! We’ve been working on school, we made strawberry jam and yogurt earlier last week, we have spot cleaned the house from top to bottom, had an essential oil team meeting, and we had a slumber party to celebrate our birthdays! We had a bunch of friends over and had a great time. Sadly, being so busy kinda made us fall off the face of the blogging world 😥 So here we are! We had a fabulous brunch this Sunday and wanted to share it with you 😀

We had bacon (made by Chris), homemade arepas (made by Jp) and pancakes (made by Erica), served with orange juice. These are our favorite pancakes ever; so fluffy and yummy 😀 Sometimes we make a syrup from strawberry jam, or from brown sugar and bananas (that one’s Poppas favorite) and they are soooooo good! This recipe is enough to make a few pancakes for each person at our table (so 10 people). Here is what you need to make these pancakes:

4 1/2 cups all purpose flour
10 1/2 tsp baking powder
1 1/2 tsp salt
3/4 cups sugar
3 eggs
9 tsp butter, melted
3 3/4 milk

Lets get started! First, put your butter in a bowl and set it in the microwave to melt to a liquid (we don’t own a microwave so we popped it in our toaster oven 😀 ). In a medium bowl, mix together flour, sugar, salt, and baking powder.1.jpgIn a separate bowl, mix together the milk and eggs. Create a well in the middle of the flour mixture and pour in the milk egg mixture, along with the melted butter. 3.jpgWe use a Kitchenaid Mixer but you can use a whisk to mix the batter well. It will be very thick and slightly lumpy, but that’s normal. 4.jpgHeat up your griddle or stove to medium-high. Use a 1/3 cup of batter for each pancake to get them to the right size. 5678Cook up some bacon to go on the side, and you’re done! These are so yummy, and incredibly fluffy. Everyone always wants more, but they are usually too full to eat any extra!

What do you usually eat for breakfast on Sundays? Do you have any special traditions? Any tips for making pancakes? Let us know in the comments!


Sunday Brunch

We have been super busy lately! With getting ready for Christmas, prepping the house for our grandparents visit, and finishing up school for the semester, the past few weeks have us all pooped. This Sunday was no different. We figured, what better way to enjoy a lazy Sunday than with a simple Sunday brunch!?


We had prepped ourselves an awesome table of side dishes. We sliced up some summer sausage and cheese, made a delicious dip to go with celery, and cut up some guava and white cheese. Yum! We also enjoyed some crisp, fresh apples dipped in caramel, olives (cause why not!), and had an extra dip made of cream cheese and an amazing jam made of jalapeno and peaches. So good! The last thing we had is a personal favorite: fried tortilla chips. They’re so simple but so crunchy and amazing!! All you do is cut up the tortilla into triangle slices (we like them thin so we do 16 slices per tortilla) and then fry them up. Since they’re thin tortillas, frying is super fast. When you’re finished, you have delicious chips that are crispy, salty, and perfect for dipping. Easy peasy right?

We’d love to hear how you enjoy your Sundays. Comment down below!